What is Where Can I Go Tonight all about?

The directory idea started in August 2009. Since that time a lot has changed on the internet with the introduction of Facebook and Twitter, which I now see as a useful accompaniment rather than  competition.

The project came from looking for some local music to see because the usual venue some mates and I frequented had a week off.

It was so time consuming and frustrating. Having found a suitable replacement evenings entertainment the idea was born.

So what would be in this directory? What would I like to do if I had a choice. What do I like doing? Watching live music, watching live sport, watching sport in the pub and eating out. A bit blokey I know but a good place to start.

Software and website names were researched and Where Can I Go Tonight chosen as it was the search keyphrase I was using in my original search.

From that point in 2009 until January 2016 the directory has been built and rebuilt three times, having found that I was unhappy with the end product, twice.

Finally it is done, I am sure adjustments will be made, suggestions put into action, and the look played around with.

The categories of entertainment options have been expanded to include other popular nights out such as Quiz Nights, Karaoke, Comedy and much more.

I will add new ones as they become obvious or requested, so I will continue to improve.

If you have any ideas of additions, improvements or mistakes please let us know – I will listen!

I hope this is as useful as I think it can be.

Mick Hodson
Directory Owner and Creator

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