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Promotion of your act and it’s gigs is paramount. Whether you are a solo artist, singer songwriter, band, musician, comedian or performer of any kind, this is where you can gain free promotion.

Our aim is to make your promotion a bit easier by being seen in a directory that lets you add events, images, videos, social media website links and more.

We work hard to improve WCIGT’s ranking in search engine results.

Easy Registration

It’s easy, it’s free and there are no strings attached. We just need a current  email address so we can contact you if we need to.

We are like minded people who do the same as you but found it frustrating to find options of what to do all in one place.

We are happy to help you through the process or do it for you. Once your venue listing page is set up making changes or creating events is a breeze. Less of a worry than a website which is all a bit scary to a lot of people and can be expensive if you mess up!

Easy to create, add, edit and update

Add events, images, videos, social media links and more. It is an added bonus for entertainers and businesses who don’t have  their own websites. Very few people who are not in the web business know how to or have the confidence to add to and edit a website. If they have a website they will usually rely on a professional web designer to make adjustments.

Be found on Google

We work hard at improving our position in the search engine rankings, which is so important these days. You stand more chance of your act being found being part of a directory with a big presence.

Social Media and other Links

We encourage you to add links to your own website, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

You may have Youtube videos, images on Pinterest or Instagram and tunes on Myspace.

Put the links in, we don’t want to control you like some, we think the more links the better. We both win! and Google likes it too!

Keep Google even happier by creating and linking a Google Plus Account for your act.

Help WCIGT grow and improve

We listen to ideas too. Although we have been building the site for a long time there are always things that we want to hear about that would help our members and the browsing public – your potential clients!

We are happy to make adjustments and can act quick to do it.