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Free advertising – what can you lose?

Free advertising – sounds too good to be true? we don’t think it is, it’s a great opportunity! Why not join our directory and enable the public to find you and what you have to offer.

You may have a website, a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. Brilliant, you can use your listing page to attract people who don’t use these social media pages.

Social media linking

If you keep your social media pages up to date, use your listing to steer people to these pages to see what’s on at your venue. We’ve made it easy to link to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, Foursquare, Instagram, Trip Advisor and Soundcloud.

Upload images, videos and documents

Load up your favourite images, link up your Youtube videos of last week’s gig, pop in a menu or two, a special offer, anything you like. Get fully linked and loaded, all in one place.

Don’t have a website! – this is a simple alternative

For those who don’t have Facebook, Twitter or a website, this solves that, with no cost and it’s so easy to set up.

Not everyone uses social media or has a website, if that’s you, here’s an opportunity to be seen and promote your pub, club, hotel, wine bar or sports club, and it’s entertainment now.

The more you add the better for everyone

When you create your listing, add and upload as much as you can then we all benefit. Google and the like love links, great interesting copy and videos. The more you add, the more success you stand to gain.

Tell us what you think

Have a look, sign up and have a play. We are always happy to help if you get stuck.

It may look complicated and under the surface it is, but we have tried to make it as simple as possible for the public to use.

Not only is it simple for the listing owner, it’s simple to use and flexible for the browsing public too.

If you think we’re wrong, or have missed a trick, tell us. We love constructive criticism and suggestions.

Go on sign up – what have you got to lose?

If you like it tell your mates, tell your performers – get them involved too.


Do you want free promotion for your band?

Entertainers get free promotion

It has been our intention from the outset to give the performers an opportunity to have free promotion for yourselves and your gigs.

Why is different from the others

We feel we are different, not because to entertainers we are free, but because we are not just for music, we are a bit more general which attracts a wider audience to search for entertainment – more opportunity to be noticed!

We are though fundamentally about entertainment in small venues – not Wembley or big expensive venues with thousands of people in the audience. There are bigger sites for that and their clients are different to ours.

We are about the small venues, pubs, clubs, bars, you know the sort of thing we mean.

When researching before the project started it was clear that we could not find what we wanted. We wanted stuff to do within a short radius of home, a list of pubs etc with live music, a quiz etc on the date we entered. What we got was what we didn’t want, big expensive probably sold out gigs miles away.

Local events nationally

Pretty well sums up what we are trying to achieve. Proper local stuff, a majority for free or a few quid, not a divert to a ticket agency.

There are a lot of places that do this but we feel we are different enough to the others.

It’s easy to register and become a member

Don’t panic! we are not the big boys just after your email address, we are like minded normal music fans and performers who thought this may appeal to others. Maybe a bit of a pub quiz or sports TV in the pub types. Not too blokey we hope!

Registering is simple, we need an email and a base location and postcode for everything to work in the searches. Obviously the more detail you add the better. You can go from registering to creating a listing within seconds. We do not need to make approvals, but if you abuse the site we will dump you!

It’s very easy to create a listing – we call it an owner listing on the main pages because this is the page that owns all of the events you promote.

You can add images, videos, documents, classified adds and more. All for free.

Try it – the more that register and add good content and gigs the better it is for all.

Click this FREE BAND SIGN UP link or take a look around our site.

If you want help, drop us an email or pick up the phone and we will try to help.




Promote your venue for free

Free Venue Promotion

Join Where Can I Go Tonight‘s growing number of venue promoting. Venues promoting their entertainment, matches and menus that they have worked hard to lay on for the public.

You may own or run a pub, bar, hotel, social club, music venue or a sports club or sports stadium. We have a place for you here. You can promote your events simply and add, edit update at any time, day or night.

We are happy to help you through the process or do it for you. Once your venue listing page is set up making changes or creating events is a breeze. Less of a worry than a website which is all a bit scary to a lot of people and can be expensive if you mess up!

Easy Registration

All we need are a few details so we can contact you if we need to and you’re up and running. There is no passing on your details of any kind.

Add events, images, videos, social media links and more. It is an added bonus for entertainers and businesses who don’t have  their own websites. Very few people who are not in the web business know how to or have the confidence to add to and edit a website. If they have a website they will usually rely on a professional web designer to make adjustments.

Be found on Google

We work hard at improving our position in the search engine rankings, which is so important these days. You stand more chance of your venue being found being part of a directory with a big presence.

Social Media and other Links

We encourage you to add links to your own website, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

You may have Youtube videos, images on Pinterest or Instagram and tunes on Myspace.

Put the links in, we don’t want to control you like some, we think the more links the better. We both win! and Google likes it too!

Keep Google even happier by creating and linking a Google Plus Account for your venue.

Help WCIGT grow and improve

We listen to ideas too. Although we have been building the site for a long time there are always things that we want to hear about that would help our members and the browsing public – your potential clients!

We are happy to make adjustments and can act quick to do it.