Promote your live music and entertainment – as a performer

It’s easy to register your band or venue. There is no hidden agenda, we are not after your details for any reason other than to make contact if we have to.

You don’t have to have gigs all lined up to promote, you can create a listing with all of your details and all the links to your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more.

You may be looking for gigs, well clients will find you if you have a listing.

You will still be indexed by Google and the more you put in the more they reward your effort by ranking you higher.

For performers you get a listing which is a good web presence and you can promote live music for free. We are like minded musicians, so we know what it’s like to find gigs to see, get gigs and perform too. You’ve heard this before but ‘we’re all in this together’.

Try it, it doesn’t have to be perfect in the beginning, you can add, subtract or edit your information at any time, no waiting for us to approve it. When you submit it, it goes live.

We will of course expect you to be respectful of the freedom we give of your content and will suspend and ask you to adjust if it comes to our attention of it being unsuitable.

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