End of January 2016

All good things come to those who wait. Well lets hope you agree! We need another week or two. It is not by choice it’s taking so long but it will be worth it, it will be free to have a listing and add events.
We could release it too early and that would be the wrong option, so waiting is the best way, and carefully checking and double checking the way it all works.

Nearly ready to re-launch our new website

Well it’s mid January and we still need a little bit more time. It will be worth waiting for as it’s much better, more user friendly and FREE!

Yes all free, venues and performers.

Events can be created by everyone too! There is no catch, no hidden agenda, just straight forward, simple and very useful.

We hope members will like it and feed back any helpful suggestions of how we can improve things.

Any other features that you would like added, just let us know.

It’s been a long road, the third time of getting it right and we think this will be it.

So if you are a performer or venue who wants to join the only directory to offer what we call local events, nationally – soon to be internationally.

Looking forward to the day when we can start telling everyone it’s here!

Site upgrading nearly finished

Mid January is when we hope our rebuild will be up and running

What started as a bit of upgrading has turned into a major rebuild. As we started to go through the elements to improve it became obvious that we needed to completely re-organise the way things worked from a public perspective.

This has taken a few more months than anticipated as the coding had to be right as this is the third time of starting again. Surprisingly we still get the impression that every change we have made makes the site better than it would have been if we had not made the changes.

We hope when it finally goes online you will agree and people from both sides, users and advertising members, will enjoy being part of our dream.

The other massive decision has been to make advertising your bands, performances and venues FREE.

How can you afford not to join us!

Where Can I Go Tonight – New Website

WCIGT.com is up and running


After a long process of updating and rewriting code, wcigt.com  finally we are up and running!

Find events and where to find what’s on! Live music, live sports, Sports TV and much more.

You can find a music gigs or an open mic, karaoke, quiz, poker and much more.

Venues and performers can simply offer their entertainment in categories that can be searched for on a day you choose.

Alternative browsing by events, categories or location makes it the easy and comprehensive way to find what venues have to offer.

Try it, let us know if you like it!

Let us know why you don’t!

We will listen to constructive criticism and thank you for commenting.