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It’s simple to sign up, quick and easy to create a directory listing with tons of space for descriptions, all of your social links, images, video links and more.

Easy to update and you are in complete control 24/7.

Frequent or one-off events – it’s all up to you, we handle both.

Repeated frequent events are so easy. Enter your event information once, and a future date, and job done.

Update and add anything you can, to encourage new customers, fans and followers.

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All in one place

We don’t try to be controlling and keep you to ourselves. We show all of your links that your future customers, fans and followers require to find what they want, and wcigt encourage their use.

No more having to go from one website to another to get information – wcigt is the only link necessary!

Think of wcigt as a hub to you and your events.

Try it, pass it on, spread the word and let’s build our wcigt directory and fill it with local information and local events.

Local events, nationally – sign up now

Free and no strings attached. Run by music and sports lovers who believe that local is good!

Not another site where you can only find something 20 miles away in a stadium or concert hall.

We show you what’s happening in your chosen town. We are promoting pubs and clubs, bands and entertainers. It’s the small things that matter.

All the performers and venues that work so hard every day, every week, to fill and entertain their establishments. All the bands and acts and landlords that keep everything alive and running.

The gigs, the open mic nights, the karaoke nights, the pub quiz, the poker nights – these are what we see as important – not Wembley Stadium or The Albert Hall – we want the Red Lion, the local rugby or football club.

Keep music live and local! See sports events, live and local!

We listen to your suggestions too. What have we missed? Where could we improve? How could we help you more?

Sign up now! Join our growing membership of venues and entertainers.

The more of us who join, the more we are all seen, the quicker the word gets around.

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Keep it live, keep it local!

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