Site upgrading nearly finished

Mid January is when we hope our rebuild will be up and running

What started as a bit of upgrading has turned into a major rebuild. As we started to go through the elements to improve it became obvious that we needed to completely re-organise the way things worked from a public perspective.

This has taken a few more months than anticipated as the coding had to be right as this is the third time of starting again. Surprisingly we still get the impression that every change we have made makes the site better than it would have been if we had not made the changes.

We hope when it finally goes online you will agree and people from both sides, users and advertising members, will enjoy being part of our dream.

The other massive decision has been to make advertising your bands, performances and venues FREE.

How can you afford not to join us!

Do pubs, clubs and bars need a music licence? The rules have changed!

Support local live music in pubs clubs and bars

Earlier this year the government issued new guideline information on whether you need approval to put on certain types of regulated entertainment.

I have spoken to a few people and none new about this.

Is it saying what I think in that if you run a pub, club etc you only need an entertainment licence if you want to run later than 11pm or have an audience of more than 500.

Why is this information about new music licence rules kept so quiet?

Does anyone else know about this?

Is it saying what I think or is there small print somewhere else that says something different.

Share it far and wide!

Keep music live and local.

Check out this link for all the details


Live Music – Easy to register and promote your gigs

Promote your live music and entertainment – as a performer

It’s easy to register your band or venue. There is no hidden agenda, we are not after your details for any reason other than to make contact if we have to.

You don’t have to have gigs all lined up to promote, you can create a listing with all of your details and all the links to your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more.

You may be looking for gigs, well clients will find you if you have a listing.

You will still be indexed by Google and the more you put in the more they reward your effort by ranking you higher.

For performers you get a listing which is a good web presence and you can promote live music for free. We are like minded musicians, so we know what it’s like to find gigs to see, get gigs and perform too. You’ve heard this before but ‘we’re all in this together’.

Try it, it doesn’t have to be perfect in the beginning, you can add, subtract or edit your information at any time, no waiting for us to approve it. When you submit it, it goes live.

We will of course expect you to be respectful of the freedom we give of your content and will suspend and ask you to adjust if it comes to our attention of it being unsuitable.

see our Facebook page

Do you want free promotion for your band?

Entertainers get free promotion

It has been our intention from the outset to give the performers an opportunity to have free promotion for yourselves and your gigs.

Why is different from the others

We feel we are different, not because to entertainers we are free, but because we are not just for music, we are a bit more general which attracts a wider audience to search for entertainment – more opportunity to be noticed!

We are though fundamentally about entertainment in small venues – not Wembley or big expensive venues with thousands of people in the audience. There are bigger sites for that and their clients are different to ours.

We are about the small venues, pubs, clubs, bars, you know the sort of thing we mean.

When researching before the project started it was clear that we could not find what we wanted. We wanted stuff to do within a short radius of home, a list of pubs etc with live music, a quiz etc on the date we entered. What we got was what we didn’t want, big expensive probably sold out gigs miles away.

Local events nationally

Pretty well sums up what we are trying to achieve. Proper local stuff, a majority for free or a few quid, not a divert to a ticket agency.

There are a lot of places that do this but we feel we are different enough to the others.

It’s easy to register and become a member

Don’t panic! we are not the big boys just after your email address, we are like minded normal music fans and performers who thought this may appeal to others. Maybe a bit of a pub quiz or sports TV in the pub types. Not too blokey we hope!

Registering is simple, we need an email and a base location and postcode for everything to work in the searches. Obviously the more detail you add the better. You can go from registering to creating a listing within seconds. We do not need to make approvals, but if you abuse the site we will dump you!

It’s very easy to create a listing – we call it an owner listing on the main pages because this is the page that owns all of the events you promote.

You can add images, videos, documents, classified adds and more. All for free.

Try it – the more that register and add good content and gigs the better it is for all.

Click this FREE BAND SIGN UP link or take a look around our site.

If you want help, drop us an email or pick up the phone and we will try to help.